Rising interest rates are putting would-be home purchasers in a tight position. But with the market stabilising somewhat, and rental prices still sky-high, it might now be a case of simply biting the bullet and securing a mortgage. Peter Kleinwӓchter from Your German Mortgage explains what’s behind the recent hike in mortgage interest rates, and explores what options are open to buyers.

Construction interest rates are still low, and this is a welcome development not only to potential buyers but also to owners – and not just when the term of their loan is about to end. Well-chosen follow-on financing means financial security. When it comes to arranging for their follow-on financing, the willingness of property owners is relatively high – not every financial topic is so self-evident for consumers.

To give you an overview of the residential property market in Germany, we have broken down the individual types of use and their advantages and disadvantages for you. Especially as an investor, you want to know what opportunities the German real estate market offers you. And hey - even a property you use yourself is an investment - perhaps the biggest one you've made so far.

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