What’s going on with Germany’s housing market and can tourists get the €49 ticket? (Spotify Podcast)

In the latest episode, host Rachel Loxton is joined by journalists Imogen Goodman and Aaron Burnett, as well as experienced mortgage broker Peter Kleinwächter from MLP Berlin and culture and history writer Mike Stuchbery.

Germany’s €49 monthly transport ticket will start on May 1st. We discuss all the details we know so far, how the states are already planning different processes and if tourists and visitors to Germany will be able to get it. Will tourists and visitors be able to get the €49 ticket? Consumers in Germany have been dealing with lots of price rises on products in the past year. We talk about whether this will continue this year, and why beer is (sadly) going up in price. Everything that changes in Germany in February 2023. Next we look at why property prices are falling, how it’s affecting rents and we talk to Peter Kleinwächter to find out if it’s a good time to buy a home. Ask an expert: Is now a good time to buy a property in Germany? Peter also talks us through some of the factors foreigners in Germany need to consider when buying a home. There are lots of job cuts in the tech sector at the moment, including in Germany. We talk about what happens if you lose your job and you have an EU blue card, and if there’s any good news about jobs.German software giant SAP to cut 3,000 jobs. What happens to your EU Blue Card if you lose your job in Germany? Which sectors are looking to hire in Germany?Lastly, the German film All Quiet on the Western Front is up for nine Oscars. We talk to The Local’s culture and history expert Mike Stuchbery about the significance of the film and book, before discussing some of our favourite German films and TV series.

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