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Find the best mortgage for you new home in Germany

Are you an expat in Germany? Our English-speaking advisors can help you to find the best loan, mortgage, conditions, and the perfect property for your new home.



Same day assessment

Send us an email with the data you want to share with us and you will get an assessment immediately.


Once you have decided that you want us to advise you, we will work out a selection of options for you.






We will deal with the lender and close the mortgage contract for you, supporting you all the way to the final signature.

Payment of your loan

We will continue to act for you until payment is made and, if you wish, remain your financial advisor in the future.



Be faster than others – Your German mortgage in four steps

The German property market is very competitive. Demand for property is fierce and property is limited. In order to secure your property, you need to be able to demonstrate that you have your finance in place as soon as possible.

This is where we come in. We have been helping our clients for more than 25 years. Our only goal is to satisfy their desire to own their own property.

Just send us an email with the data you want to share with us and you will get an assessment immediately.

Free insurance brokerage and wealth management – unbiased advice from MLP.

Not only are we a mortgage broker, we can also advise you in all other financial matters: We are a service of MLP, Germany’s leading independent financial consulting company. We specialize in clients with an academic background. Our clients are typically students seeking our guidance and support through the following years of their lives. That´s why we have a great understanding of their cultural and professional life. This enables us to support you and your family also in all other financial and insurance matters with our tailor-made solutions.

Your German Mortgage is your entry to an exclusive and personal one-stop shop focused on your new home in Germany.

Retirement Provision

Living longer means being retired longer. This means that your life savings need to last longer in old age than most people think. We provide comprehensive advice on all types of German pensions for both private and company pension plans. State–of-the-art financial planning–all in English.


Health insurance, income protection, home, and liability insurances. An insurance broker guarantees you the best coverage and pricing long-term, by doing frequent check-ups, as we do at MLP. We can offer you a once-a-year service - or whenever you need us.

Home Loan Mortgages

This is where we can come into your life. Experience what personal support can do to achieve your goal. Your individual financing concept not only takes into account your residence status in Europe, but has specially designed programs for this very purpose.

Bank Account & Card

MLP Bank offers selected products for all important banking and daily payment transactions exclusively to our clients - starting with the bank account, the checking card and the credit card. Even Apple Pay can be easily integrated.


From wealth management, security accounts and financial security for children to the management of major assets. You will find us to be experienced financial advisors, who always have your overall situation, goals and needs in mind.

Real Estate as an Investment

Real estate is an attractive investment component because of its potential returns and, as a tangible asset, offers optimal protection against inflation. Benefit from our partnership with selected real estate providers, which gives us access to promising properties.

About us

Your German Mortgage is not only a mortgage broker - we are trusted advisors from MLP, Germany's leading independent financial consulting company based in Berlin. We have more than 25 years of experience in financing property, and we are the first consultants to offer an online mortgage service for expats in Germany.

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